Application Form part -1 (Client’s personal information)


First Name & Surname: _________________________________
Preferred Name: _______________________ Gender: _________
Age: ______ D.O.B ______________ I.D NO. ______________________
Residential address:  _____________________________________


                            Code: _______ Cell No. __________________________
First Language: ____________________  Religion: ________________
Hobbies: ________________________________________________
Natural Hair Color: __________  Eye Color: __________  Shoe Size: ____
Weight: __________ (kg) Dress Size: __________ Height: ____________


Parent/Guardian (Please mark X where applicable) 
Parent __  Legal Guardian __  Foster Care __  Adopted __  Orphan__
Name/s & surname: _____________________________________
Marital Status: __________________ Identity Number: ____________________________

Residential Address: ________________________________________

                             Code: ______

Contact Telephone Numbers: (H) ___________________ (W) _____________

Cell: __________________________ Email Address: ____________________
Occupation: ________________________________      Company Name: _________________
SIGNATURE OF PARENT/GUARDIAN ________________________  DATE  ______________                           




We, the undersigned


_______________________________________________________ and

(Full names & surname - Mother/Guardian)

_______________________________________________________ as the parents/guardians        

(Full names & surname – Father/Guardian)


of _____________________________________________________

     (Full names & surname of child/client)


hereby acknowledge that we are jointly and severally liable for the payment of school fees to IS Models & Finishing School until the completion of the 3 month course. All payments must be paid strictly into company’s bank account (details provided on first information page) at the end of each month using client’s application number (this number will be issued on successful application), initial of first name & full surname as reference number. A copy of the proof of payment must be submitted before class to Instructor. 

In the event of failure to pay the fees, or any portion thereof, by the first week of each month will result in no services rendered to child/client. If at anytime a class is missed it will be of no bad reflection to the teachers of the above mentioned school with regard to the client not performing well for class graduations.


We understand and elect the following method of payment:      

(Please tick appropriate box)


Payment in full,         

Single payments first week of each month for the duration of each specified course.



SIGNED AT ___________________________ THIS ____ DAY OF ___________ 2008



   ________________________                                                                                     _______________________

   (Signature Of Mother/Guardian)                                                                                 (Signature of Father/Guardian)                          





Roslyn Billings


International Star Models and Finishing School                                                







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