1) 1 year course outline ( classes are taught in English)

1.1   orientation (foundation, 8 principle guidelines to live by)

1.2   ramp and photographic modeling (3 levels)

1.3   deportment, grooming, posture, poise & hygiene

1.4   hand & foot coordination, rhythm pace modeling, physical awareness

1.5   the history of the fashion model & her changing roles

1.6  make-up techniques (2 levels)

1.7  color coordination & creativity, personal image consulting and fashion trends

1.8  french manicures & pedicures

1.9 skin & hair care, mini facials, facial grooming (eye brow waxing, tinting, hair removing)

1.10 nutrition & lifestyle (changing paradigms, bad habits and living free)

1.11 etiquette & table setting: presidential, social conduct 

1.12 competent communications: teamwork, interviews, public speaking, committing to excellence.

1.13 time management, home management

1.14 self awareness, social emotional responsibilities, people skills and 

1.15 excursions



2.1  LEVEL ONE           3 mth Beginner Basics (R120.00 pm)

2.2  LEVEL TWO          4 mth Essential Elementary (R180.00 p.m)

2.3  LEVEL THREE      3 mth Advance Level (R260.00 p.m)

2.4  LEVEL FOUR         Club Level (a once off payment of R400.00 must be paid once this level is reached + for a
period of 3yrs, a 20% Agency Fee is deducted for Job Placements of client)




3) Duration of each course with participation qualification

3.1    Each lesson is one day a week for 2hrs.

3.2   Level 1 & 2 end with a modeling graduation judged by Professional Adjudicators.

3.3   Level one receives a detailed report, level two an International Star Models and Finishing School

       Certificate + Etiquette & Table setting Assessment, level three a minimum of 60% must be         

       achieved at Audition Interview Preparation Process. A Diploma will be issued to all

       successful students on completion of Advanced Level and they automatically enter Club Level.

3.4  Only at Club Level will a Photographic/Digital Portfolio be put together by a

       Preferred Photographer.The client/parent or guardian will incur the cost of the Portfolio and the

           Z cards for the student

3.5  All qualifications are STRICTLY on a participation level, until Accreditation process is completed. 


4) Documents required


4.1     Copy of clients Identity document or Birth Certificate.

4.2    Copy of parent/guardian Identity document.

4.3    Proof of Physical Address

4.4   Commitment form in respect to payment (attached).

4.5    1 Recent color photograph attached.

4.6   Clients information form must be carefully completed and returned on the 1st day ensuring all

      necessary payments have been made.



5) Registration and fees

5.1.  A compulsory registration fee of R320 together with the first monthly installment is

      payable on or before the day of enrollment, there after;

5.2. Monthly fees are due the first week of every month.

5.3.  All finances must be directly deposited into the following Business account, unless prior

         Arrangements have been made by management.                                  

Details as follows;

Kind of account:   Savings  


Branch code:      006305

Name of account: International Star Models and Finishing School cc (print in full)

Account Number: 403844681



6) Other necessary information

6.1     We, at IS Models and Finishing School maintain an OPEN DOOR POLICY.

6.2     Staff, adjudicators, members and all partners associated to School will not

          Discriminate against any person in any way. All interested are welcome!

6.3    IS Models and Finishing School’s Pricing, Policies and Procedures may at any time

         be reviewed and amended.

6.4   Clients are not allowed to attend auditions, photo shoots, productions, fashion shows etc.

         until Club Level entry. Reason for this is, it is only at this level the adult/child/youth is

         fully able to understand and know who they are and identify their perfect role in society

         then go out to best represent themselves with confidence and enthusiasm.

6.5    International Star Models and Finishing School may at any time use the registered clients

         pictures/photographs for the sole purposes of marketing, advertising and promotions

         without prior permission or consent.

6.6   In the case of minors, it is pivotal that IS Models FS Director and all Parents/guardians

         conduct clear open communications. Regular payments ensures the safety and

         confidence of the child in training. In many cases where parents grow weary, become

         irresponsible and detached from this life-skills and development programme the child

         becomes fearful, stressed and develops insecurities which later can develop into negative

           low self-esteem dilemmas. 

6.7  We pride ourselves in high quality service delivery in Personal Beauty & Grooming Training 




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